Selling Web Hosting Plans: Earn an Additional Income

selling web hostingSEO Web hosting plans with unlimited domains are recommended by many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals to those who intend to create large networks of websites that will be deployed to earn CPC ad click profits from a wide variety of CPC advertising networks like Google Adsense among others. This is because an SEO Web hosting account is where best SEO practices are implemented into the network configurations of the Web server hosting your websites. Plus, scripts and features developed to improve your website’s onsite SEO are integrated into the control panel of the SEO Web server. Here are the primary benefits you can get from an SEO hosting package:

1. Better Web Server Resources – Since these SEO Web hosting plans are designed to host large networks of websites that are expected to get massive volumes of traffic on a regular basis, the hardware, software and bandwidth resources implemented into these SEO Web servers are much better than most shared Web hosting packages and Virtual Private Server hosting accounts. Web server hardware resources include the processor, RAM and data storage space, while software resources consist of the Web server control panel and the scripts integrated into the control panel. Bandwidth is on the other hand the amount of data transfers facilitated to and from the Web server and the Web browsers or computers of the website viewers, members, subscribers and administrators.

2. Dedicated C-Class IP Addresses – Many SEO professionals recommend getting unique and dedicated C-class IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, with each IP address attached to a set of websites targeting a similar niche or target market. Most SEO Web hosting packages are bundled with multiple unique and dedicated C-class IP addresses, and some SEO Web hosting providers offer additional unique and dedicated C-class IP addresses at affordable prices. Having these unique and dedicated C-class IP addresses, according to a lot of SEO specialists, is good for local and global SEO. The control panel of most SEO Web hosting accounts has a section where you can quickly and easily assign a unique and dedicated C-class IP address in your list to each of the domains you own. Keep in mind to assign a local C-class IP address to your domain that will target the areas and country associated to that local IP address.

3. Quick and Easy Script Installations – The control panel of many SEO Web hosting accounts is integrated with scripts that can allow you to quickly and conveniently install CMS (Content Management System) software and set up websites that can be improved with SEO plug-ins and other third party applications developed to improve the onsite SEO of a website. An example is the Fantastico script and the Softaculous application, which are scripts you can use to install WordPress in the home directory of each of your domains. There are a lot of free and paid WordPress plug-ins that can extend the functionalities of WordPress in terms of onsite and offsite SEO. Use these WordPress plug-ins to improve the onsite and offsite SEO of your websites.

4. SERP and Traffic Monitoring Tools – The control panel of some SEO Web hosting accounts is already integrated with SERP (Search Engine Ranking Placement) and traffic monitoring tools that can be useful for determining the current SERP of your websites and the traffic each of your sites get on a regular basis. This will help you improve your onsite and offsite SEO as well as your traffic generation and SERP improvement campaigns.

Increasing the SERPs of your websites for relevant search terms could most likely drive more targeted traffic to your site, and more traffic could most likely come more CPC ad clicks or affiliate product sales.

5. Useful Freebies – Some SEO Web hosting companies bundle freebies, rewards and incentives with their SEO Web hosting plans. These may include free Google Adwords CPC credits of up to $200 or free Facebook CPC credits of up to $250. You can use these free credits to promote your websites in Google and in Facebook, which are excellent sources of organic traffic.

These are the benefits you can get from an SEO Web hosting plan. Just remember to check the reputation of the SEO Web hosting company offering the SEO Web hosting package you’re interested in, particularly if they have already been blacklisted by major search engines because of illegitimate SEO practices possibly implemented by some of their customers in the past. Always go with a Web hosting company that does not condone these illegitimate SEO practices. Here are some other things you should consider before getting an SEO hosting plan:

1. Customer and Technical Support Services – The SEO Web hosting provider should offer many alternative options for contacting their customer and technical support departments. Go with an SEO Web hosting company that provides phone support, email support, helpdesk ticketing systems and live Web chat support. Also, you should contact their customer support department before getting an SEO Web hosting account, so you’ll know the terms of agreement and subscription policies among other details like prices, uptime guarantees and Web server maintenance and management services bundled with their SEO Web hosting packages. Talk to their technical support department as well to ask or inquire about certain things you need to know about the hardware, software and bandwidth resources available in their different SEO Web hosting plans.

2. Upgrade Options – Go with an SEO Web hosting provider that offers affordable prices for their upgrade options. These upgrade options are helpful when you start getting more traffic and onsite viewer activity on your websites. With these upgrade options, you can get more powerful hardware resources, larger bandwidth allocation and bigger data storage space. Also ask their technical support department if these upgrades can be quickly implemented into your SEO Web hosting account, since you wouldn’t want to get long periods of downtimes when these upgrades are being deployed unto your SEO Web hosting account.


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