Are These the 5 Best Web Hosting Companies?

best web hostingA high quality Web hosting plan that can accommodate your particular needs and requirements, more so that of your intended viewers and customers, is a major requirement when you’re a business owner who aims to reach wider target audiences to generate more traffic and sales, or an Internet marketer who intends to earn income from affiliate marketing, CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising and CPA (Cost Per Action) lead generation profits, among other methods of making money online. The best Web hosting subscription plans and the most reliable Web hosting services could most likely be offered by the best Web hosting companies, right? Here are the five best Web hosting companies as of this writing, based on user reviews, ratings and industry popularity:

1. Dreamhost – This Web hosting company offers shared Web hosting packages and dedicated Web hosting subscription accounts that are among the most popular Web hosting plans in the industry. If you need an efficient shared Web hosting package, all you need is around $8.95/month to avail of the many features integrated by Dreamhost into their standard shared Web hosting packages. In case you expect to get loads of traffic and heavy onsite viewer activity, especially if you intend to develop websites with large volumes of multimedia-rich content, then Dreamhost’s dedicated Web hosting packages are suitable solutions that can provide you with bigger data storage space, higher bandwidth resources and more powerful Web server hardware components. The control panel software integrated into the Web servers and hosting plans of Dreamhost is also implemented with scripts and applications, some of which can give you the advantage of 1-click blog and photo gallery installs. This allows you to have your sites up and running in no time, even if you have minimal Web development and Web hosting knowledge. Dreamhost also incorporates a wide variety of features and options into their Web hosting plans, including unlimited bandwidth resources, unlimited domains and add-on domains, unlimited data storage space, unlimited email and FTP accounts and unlimited databases among others. Support for Google applications is also implemented into the Web hosting plans of Dreamhost.

2. Hostgator – This Web hosting company is among the most popular Web hosting providers of shared and dedicated CPanel Web hosting packages in the industry. For as low as $3.96/month, you can get a shared CPanel Web hosting account with unlimited emails and scripts that can be used to quickly and easily install WordPress, other blog CMS (Content Management System) software, mailing list management applets and many other applications that can extend the overall functionality of your websites. Free Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) credits worth up to $100 are also bundled as freebies with Hostgator’s low and high-end Web hosting packages. You can also get good discounts when you subscribe to a long term Web hosting plan with Hostgator.

3. Bluehost – This Web hosting company offers a $4.95 per month Web hosting subscription plan, and this includes unlimited data transfers, unlimited data storage space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited emails. This is a very popular Web hosting subscription plan among owners of large networks of websites. Plus, this Web hosting account from Bluehost is bundled with free domain registration services. Scripts for 1-click installations of WordPress among other blog CMS software and site applets are also available with their Web hosting packages.

4. Lineode – This is among the newest Web hosting companies in the industry that has already become quite popular among webmasters and business owners, especially with their VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web hosting subscription plans. You can customize the setup of your VPS Web hosting account in terms of bandwidth resources, data storage space, data transfer allocation and hardware components like memory modules among others. This means you can tailor-fit your VPS Web hosting plan for whatever objectives you have, such as using your VPS Web hosting package as a private or public cloud-based application server, or as a virtual remote desktop server. Full Web server root and SSH access privileges are also bundled with Lineode’s VPS Web hosting subscription plans. Their VPS Web hosting packages start from a $19.99/month VPS Web hosting subscription plan.

5. A Small Orange – A Web hosting company that’s quickly growing in popularity is A Small Orange, and they Web hosting subscription plans start from a $35/year Web hosting package. Their Web hosting plans can be bundled with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and unlimited data storage space among others. Unlimited domains and add-on domains as well as unlimited emails and data transfers are also available in some of their Web hosting packages. A Small Orange aims to provide topnotch customer and technical support services to their customers and prospects, and this is their unique advantage over other Web hosting companies.

You can contact the customer and technical support departments of these five best Web hosting companies to ask for more detailed specifications of their different Web hosting subscription plans. Keep in mind to also inquire about freebies, rewards, uptime guarantees and money back warranties that may be bundled with their Web hosting accounts. Their technical support agents can also promptly answer questions like the Web programming language modules supported by their Web servers and Web hosting accounts, in case you intend to integrate a lot of Web applications into your websites. Doing these things will ensure that you get the best Web hosting subscription plan from the best Web hosting company that offers the most suitable services and packages for your particular requirements.



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