SEO Hosting: The Complete Guide

SEO HostingMany tools and services related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are available, and some Web hosting companies offer SEO hosting account plans. These SEO hosting plans can be quite beneficial to those who own multiple websites, especially if each site targets markets situated in the same local area of a country. Why?

All sites stored in a Web server of an SEO hosting plan owner will be combined into an A class IP, and different C class IPs under this A class IP can be assigned to each site. This is often done to optimize the network of sites for widely used search engines like Google. This is primarily because the relevance of a site’s content for a specific market is partly dependent on the location where the Web server of the site is based. For search engines, sites stored in local Web servers could most likely mean that local businesses and individuals own and manage these sites, and these local businesses and individuals are the most relevant sources of content, products and services required by residents based in the same areas of the same country.

Secondly, this is done because niche authority is considered by these search engines in terms of specialization. This means a network of sites specializing in different niches or subject areas, if the site network is stored in one Web server with different D class IPs under the same A class IP, could be devalued by these search engines regarding niche authority. These are just some instances where the Search Engine Optimization of a website can be affected by the Web server and hosting plan used by the owner of the site, and here are other advantages of using SEO hosting:

1. SEO hosting plans are implemented with more disk space. This is for multiple websites to be stored in directories of the Web server under many different C class IP’s. This requires a lot of disk storage resources, especially if each site included in the network will be large niche sites, and also because high quality interactive features and multimedia content like video streams and audio clips among others are now made available as the content of large niche sites.

2. Better uptime guarantee. An uptime guarantee is integrated into a Web hosting plan by Web hosting companies, and this lets customers know that the Web hosting company guarantees that the sites of their customers will remain live on the Internet and functioning the way it should at all times. Most SEO hosting plans are integrated with better uptime guarantees, since these plans are intended for multiple websites targeting large volumes of daily traffic. This means a Web server where these sites will be stored must have better hardware and software resources, as well as Internet connectivity and bandwidth.

3. Better maintenance services from the SEO hosting company. Search engines keep an eye out for the processes and systems implemented by some SEO hosting companies, so they can flag sites stored in these Web servers as websites that use unnatural SEO practices. This is why these SEO hosting companies implement better maintenance services for their Web servers, systems and processes, especially since the bulk customer market of these SEO hosting providers include people with lots of websites intended to rank in widely used search engines like Google.

How to Choose an SEO Hosting Provider

It is important to know if the Web servers and IPs of a Web hosting company offering the SEO hosting plan you want have been blacklisted by major search engines. This means you should use available tools before selecting an SEO hosting provider. This is to help you determine if certain websites using the same SEO hosting plan from the same providers have been blacklisted by major search engines.

You should also acquire an SEO hosting plan from a Web hosting company with multiple data centers based in different local areas of various countries. Determine what those local areas and countries are, and get an SEO hosting plan from a Web hosting company with data centers located in your target areas and countries. This is especially important in case some of your sites are targeting markets based in different local areas of various countries.


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