SEO Hosting: Everything You Should be Aware of

seo hostingSEO hosting is where your websites are hosted by Web hosting companies that integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques into the hardware, Internet connection and software resources of their Web servers. These SEO hosting packages are primarily offered to those who are planning to manage large networks of websites developed to get top rankings in Google and other widely used search engines for relevant search terms or keywords, which in turn can drive more targeted traffic to these sites and potentially increase sales margins. Most of these customers earn income from websites through CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action) ads displayed on their websites, while some make money from these top ranking websites because of more affiliate product sales that earn them commissions for each product sold via the affiliate links on their sites. Since SEO is not a cut and dry process because popular search engines do not announce exactly how they rank sites based on its content, then it is prudent to know the things you should look out for when selecting a Web hosting company and an SEO hosting package. Here are important factors to consider:

1. SEO Hosting Control Panel - CPanel is the most recommended control panel that should be integrated into an SEO hosting account. This is because SEO Web hosts provide a section in CPanel that allows customers to assign a unique IP address to each of their sites. Local IP addresses of countries and areas targeted by a website can be assigned to a website, which could in turn improve the search engine rankings of the website for search terms used by people based in those countries and areas, or for search terms that include names of the country, city, town or province. Also, some SEO professionals claim Google frown down on sites targeting different niches that use the same IP address, because Google is suspicious of the overall user experience quality that one individual or business can provide users with needs and problems in a wide variety of niches or industries. Like they say, experts specialize in just a few particular subject areas.

2. Number of IP Addresses Bundled with the SEO Hosting Plan - Calculate the number of sites you intend to build and get top rankings for. Each of your sites should be assigned to one unique IP address, according to some SEO professionals, even if you have some sites targeting the same industry or niche. You should also take note of the price the Web hosting company will charge in case you want to add more unique IP addresses.

3. Type of IP Addresses - Take note of the type of IP addresses bundled with the SEO hosting plan you’re interested in and those that you can get as additional IP addresses in the future. Some SEO professionals claim a C class IP address is the best option for those with limited cash, and getting B and A class IP addresses can provide the best results in terms of SEO. Usually, Web hosting companies that offer SEO hosting packages have multiple data centers based in different countries and areas, and these data centers are where their Web servers are located.

4. Hardware and Bandwidth Resources - The hardware and bandwidth resources that power up your SEO hosting package should be able to accommodate large volumes of traffic, especially since you most likely expect loads of organic traffic from top rankings in Google and other search engines for the keywords targeted by each of your sites. These hardware resources include the processor, RAM and the data storage space of your SEO hosting package, while bandwidth is important for high traffic websites.

5. Web Hosting Provider Status - Check the status of the Web hosting provider that is offering the SEO hosting plan you want to acquire, in case they have already been flagged and blacklisted by Google and other search engines for the SEO techniques these Web hosting providers and their customers implement into their websites and online marketing campaigns. Some customers could use SEO strategies considered as spamming by these search engines, and their Web hosting providers could not have the necessary monitoring and tracking systems to detect and prevent these customers from continuing to do these SEO spam tactics.

6. Price - Don’t just go with the first Web hosting provider that offers SEO hosting packages. Instead, get a list of the most reliable, non-blacklisted SEO hosting providers in the market. Compare the price of each SEO hosting package and the bundled benefits you can get. Also take note of their uptime guarantees and Web server maintenance and management services.

7. Customer and Technical Support Service Quality - Contact the SEO hosting providers in your list through the different customer and technical support systems they provide. These may include phone support, email support and/or live chat support. An SEO hosting company should offer round the clock, 24/7 all-year-round customer and technical support services. Their support agents should also be professional and polite even to prospect buyers like you.

Keeping the things above in mind when looking for an SEO hosting plan will ensure that you end up with the best SEO hosting package for your particular needs and requirements. It is advised for you to implement best SEO practices into your websites and online marketing campaigns that are not considered by Google and other widely used search engines as SEO spamming tactics.


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