The Pros and Cons of Cloud Web Hosting

cloud hostingCloud Web hosting is one of the most flexible and reliable type of Web hosting service available today. This type of hosting employs groups of servers to provide basic and complex functionalities necessary in hosting a website. Although the popularity of this hosting service is continuously increasing due to its many promising advantages weighing the pros and cons is still the best way to determine whether this type of hosting plan is suitable for creating a successful business website.

Pros of Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web hosting employs numerous Web server to supply the necessary resources in running a customer’s website. In case one of these servers crashes the customer’s website will still remain up and running which dramatically reduces risks of downtime. Access to various web servers provides cloud customers’ with unrestricted operating power protecting their website from negative effects of natural disasters, local power interruptions and the like.

Bandwidth issues during peak hours can also be easily resolved with cloud web hosting. Necessary resources can be promptly tapped and managed using numerous Web servers accessible to every customer. This system allows cloud customers to effortlessly change their hosting requirements based on their needs such as acquiring additional services and servers to improve their business.

Maintaining cloud Web hosting is more affordable compared to other types of traditional hosting. With cloud Web hosting pay per use system, customers can finally say goodbye to monthly Web server rental costs. This payment system rids of the fixed monthly rental costs used for dedicated server and bandwidth instead customers are billed based on their actual bandwidth and resources usage.
Employing cloud Web hosting helps customers save huge amount of business resources. Cloud computing provides top notch Web servers and applications which can be very expensive for companies to single handedly acquire. Cloud hosting providers maintain IT experts that are also too expensive to maintain for a small enterprise. Given these information it would be much easier and cost-effective to simply outsource a company’s hosting needs and save its time and monetary resources.

One of the highlights of cloud Web hosting is its hassle free set up. The set up process involve in this type of hosting is very minimal so customers can easily execute and complete the process.

Websites using cloud web hosting services are given the access to use applications that are licensed and updated by the provider. Customers can take advantage of these applications in developing and upgrading their own websites to create more traffic.

Cons of Cloud Web Hosting

Among the cons of using cloud Web hosting are bringing in and taking out large amount of data from the cloud server. Customer using cloud web hosting services must use fast Internet connection in order to save time in uploading or downloading bulk data from their cloud server otherwise these processes could take time days even.

High latency is another disadvantage of cloud Web hosting. Delays from sending and receiving response from a particular cloud server usually happen, especially when there is a sudden pour of traffic in the specific cloud the user is trying to access.

The security and confidentiality of websites under this platform are often scrutinized since there is no fixed location as to where the customers’ data are being stored. Cloud hosting providers also have the ability to access unencrypted customer data, which can be a problem for customers dealing with highly confidential information.

Websites with improperly optimized codes under cloud Web hosting usually have to pay for higher monthly costs. Website owners may request monthly statement from its cloud hosting provider to analyze the necessary code optimization work they need to apply in order to reduce their expenses. However, this can be a problem especially for customers with no technical expertise on this field.

Underestimating or overestimating your monthly cloud Web hosting bill can sometimes be a nuisance. This is a common problem in pay per use set up – sometimes a customer’s bill can be less than what has been budgeted. However, the real problem is if bill exceeds the company’s budget for its hosting services.

After reading the pros and cons of cloud Web hosting, customers who prefer to continue with this type of Web hosting must remember to take note of all the important considerations in choosing a reliable cloud Web hosting provider.

One of the primary considerations in choosing a cloud Web hosting company is its reputation. Read reviews and comments about the provider this would likely reveal actual users telling their experience with the company. Make sure that the cloud Web hosting company has its own servers and the cloud hosting is indeed their primary business. This means:

Check out their customer support or tech support, since this is crucial for maintaining a reliable website. Look for hosting providers that includes regular online data back-up which can be used through the customers’ own computer


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