Joomla Hosting for Gallery Style Websites

joomla gallery hostingJoomla hosting plans are offered by many Web hosting companies as a robust and reliable platform to host networks of websites integrated with multiple functionalities. These Joomla hosting packages are suitable for people with image and photo gallery websites that showcase their custom image designs and digital photos. This is because Joomla is an open source CMS (Content Management System) that is implemented with many features for embedding images and providing snapshots of all digital photos and images uploaded to the website as slideshows and presentations. However, the hardware resources and Internet bandwidth of the Web server must match the intuitive functionalities integrated into the Joomla CMS in order for website owners and their viewers to experience the full range of features that the Joomla CMS can provide.

Here are a few things you must consider before getting a Joomla hosting plan from a reliable Web hosting provider:

1. Processing Power - The CPU of the Web server that your Joomla hosting account will be attached to should be powerful and fast enough to facilitate seamless data transmissions and data processing tasks of multiple queries from both users and administrators of the websites stored in the Web server. This will ensure that your viewers along with your site administrators won’t encounter any lags when waiting for their queries and actions to be processed and loaded unto the website via their Web browsers. A quick and powerful processor is also important especially when large volumes of queries are simultaneously sent by the Web browsers of your viewers to your Web server.

2. Sufficient RAM Resources - Coupled with a quick and powerful processor, substantial RAM (Random Access Memory) resources can speed up the data processing tasks and improve the efficiency of the data transmission work done by the processor. These RAM resources serve as buffers when the processor needs to perform a large workload of data transmission and data processing tasks. This happens because the RAM resources of your Web server will temporarily store queued data transmission and data processing tasks, which will be released and sent to the processor right after the processor has already completed the first batch of tasks. These RAM resources also monitor CPU usage or processor workload, so it can accurately time when to send the queued batch of processing and transmission tasks to the processor without slowing down the overall performance of the Web server.

3. Significant Data Storage Space - Since you intend to host many digital images and photos in your Web server for your network of websites that will showcase large volumes of these visual elements as slideshows and presentations, ample data storage space should be allocated to your Joomla hosting plan. This is especially important if you plan to allow your viewers to upload their own digital images and photos to your Web server via some upload forms integrated into your websites, because once you start getting large volumes of viewers simultaneously uploading their digital images and photos as well as simultaneously viewing the digital image and photo presentations and slideshows available in your website, then this requires a lot of available data storage space. Remember, high quality digital images and photos also come as files with large sizes.

4. Efficient Bandwidth Resources - Since the visitors of your image and photo gallery websites will be simultaneously viewing the content of your sites via slideshow presentations, then the data transfer rate implemented into your Joomla hosting package should be able to accommodate the volume and speed required by the number of viewers you expect to get on a monthly basis. Your website visitors should be able to view your digital image and photo presentations without lags or other issues associated to the bandwidth resources available to your Web server. This means getting more than enough bandwidth resources for your Joomla hosting plan will be beneficial for you and your viewers.

5. Upgrade Options - Your Joomla hosting package should be integrated with upgrade options that can be quickly implemented into your Joomla hosting account. You wouldn’t want your site viewers to wait for three days or so before they can again access the content of your websites. These upgrade options should also be reasonably priced. Some of these upgrade features include the option of transferring to a Web server with a more powerful processor and larger RAM resources, an option where you can choose to get higher bandwidth resources for your Web server and Joomla hosting account, and another option to increase the available data storage space of your Joomla hosting plan among other upgrade options that can be beneficial for your particular needs, especially when you start getting more viewers with faster digital image and photo viewing and higher file uploading demands.

6. Web Server Management and Maintenance - Of course, Web server maintenance and management should be bundled with your Joomla hosting package. This is where a group of IT professionals with years and years of experience and vast knowledge in Web server network infrastructure development, maintenance and Web server hardware and software resource management supervise the Web servers situated in the data centers of your Web hosting provider, including your Web server. This will guarantee that downtimes and hardware or software problems that your Web server may encounter can be resolved and fixed right away.

7. 99% Uptime Guarantee - An uptime guarantee is where your Web hosting provider ensures that the websites stored in your Web server associated to your Joomla hosting account will be properly working and always up and running on the Internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round. You can ensure if the uptime guarantee included in the Joomla hosting plans offered by your preferred Web hosting provider is indeed truthful and accurate by contacting some of the companies and individuals who currently have existing Joomla hosting accounts with the Web hosting provider. You can ask these website owners or their technical support representatives about their overall experience with their Joomla hosting accounts and with the Web hosting provider.

8. Customer and Technical Support Service Quality and Accessibility - The customer and technical support services of your Web hosting provider should be readily accessible via many options, such as phone support, email or helpdesk ticket support and live Web chat support. Their support representatives should also be polite and professional when dealing with prospects and existing customers alike. Their support services should also be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round. You can test their support services by contacting their customer support department and their technical support department to ask for more details about their Joomla hosting packages.

Ensuring that the things mentioned above are covered before you get a Joomla hosting account from reliable Web hosting providers will guarantee that you get the best value for your time and money. Always remember to ask around and read unbiased buyer reviews before contacting the customer and technical support departments of Web hosting companies that offer the Joomla hosting plans you’re interested in.


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