Joomla Web Hosting: How to Choose a Reliable Provider

A Joomla Web hosting account is a Web hosting package that is powered by a variety of Web server control panel applications, and this type of Web hosting plan focuses on the integration of the Joomla CMS (Content Management System) into the websites hosted by the Joomla Web hosting package. Many Web hosting providers offer Joomla Web hosting services, and some implement the CPanel software as the control panel application of the Web server where their Joomla Web hosting plans are attached. These Joomla Web hosting accounts are recommended to businesses and individuals with websites that have large volumes of multimedia content and are developed for user-generated content, because the Joomla CMS provides a quick and easy way to manage and maintain the content of these Joomla websites. What exactly is a CMS?

A CMS is an application that is integrated into a Web server. This CMS is used to facilitate the data transmissions required by a specific website that is powered by the CMS, and these data transmissions are instigated by website administrators and users to and from the Web server and their computers via their Web browsers and FTP applications. What is the Joomla CMS?

The Joomla CMS is an open source CMS (Content Management System). It is lightweight, so this means it is developed to load content as quick as possible unto the Web browser of the site viewer. What are the other advantages of the Joomla CMS for individuals and businesses that provide multimedia rich content to their site viewers?

1. There are many free and paid Joomla templates or skins to choose from. These free and paid Joomla templates are designed for particular industries, niches or micro niches. This means you can choose the best Joomla template to integrate into your Joomla website, particularly one that will appeal the most to your target audience, in terms of overall look and feel and GUI (Graphical User Interface) ease of use.

2. There are lots of Joomla plug-ins you can implement into your Joomla website. These plug-ins can extend the functionalities of your Joomla website and the Joomla CMS itself. There are Joomla plug-ins that were developed to integrate photo galleries with animated slideshow presentations of images into a Joomla website, while there are some Joomla plug-ins that were designed as mailing list management scripts. You can also develop custom Joomla plug-ins if you have the necessary PHP, AJAX, Java and JavaScript programming experience, or if you have a staff of programmers with these skills and expertise.

3. The Joomla CMS is integrated with features that can efficiently categorize or classify the different content types you intend to upload unto your Joomla website. These effective content classification or categorization functionalities can optimize the internal linking system of your Joomla website. Google among other popular search engines consider websites with an effective internal link structure as properly SE (Search Engine) optimized websites.

4. The Joomla CMS is free to use, customize and modify because it is an open source Content Management System (CMS). This means lower costs for the management and maintenance of your websites. Now, here are some ways you can follow to choose the best Joomla Web hosting provider for your particular needs:

• Check the Licenses and Accreditation of The Joomla Web Hosting Company – If you’re targeting a certain country or area for the promotion of your products and services through your Joomla website, then you are recommended to acquire a list of reliable Joomla Web hosting providers that have data centers located in your target country or areas. This is not only beneficial for local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but also to ensure that you are doing business with legitimate Web hosting companies that are accredited and licensed by the government of the country or area where you intend to operate your business.

• Check the Overall Reputation of the Joomla Web Hosting Company in the Web Hosting Industry – This means you should contact previous and present-day customers or subscribers of the Joomla Web hosting providers in your list. Ask about their experience and the problems they may have encountered during their subscription. Check whether these positive reviews and negative claims can be substantiated with verifiable facts.

• Determine the Web Server Hardware and Software Resources Used By the Joomla Web Hosting Company For Their Joomla Web Hosting Accounts – These Web server hardware resources consist of the data storage disks, processor and RAM modules connected and available in the Web server and for the consumption of a Joomla Web hosting customer of the Web hosting company. Bandwidth resources that are allocated to a shared or dedicated Joomla Web hosting account customer are also important for the stability and efficiency of your Joomla websites. Software resources that should be implemented into the Web server where their Joomla Web hosting accounts are attached should include an easy to use Web hosting control panel along with scripts or applications that were developed for the convenience of customers in installing CMS (Content Management System) software, mailing list management scripts, plug-ins that can extend the functionalities of the Joomla website and the Joomla CMS, among other applications. Site traffic and onsite viewer activity tracking or monitoring applications are also useful for your website promotions and marketing campaigns.

• Check the Responsiveness, Reliability and Professionalism of the Customer and Technical Support Agents of the Joomla Web Hosting Provider – You can do this by using all available customer and technical support contact options offered by the Web hosting company. These may include round the clock phone support, email support, live Web chat support and helpdesk ticket support. Ask for the prices of their Joomla Web hosting plans, the technical resources integrated into each of their Joomla Web hosting packages, if Web server maintenance and management services are bundled into their Joomla Web hosting accounts, upgrade and update options as well as the time it takes for these upgrades and updates to be implemented into their Joomla Web hosting plans, their uptime guarantees, incentives or freebies and rewards that may be bundled with their Joomla Web hosting packages and their money back guarantee among other things.

Considering everything listed above will ensure that you get the best Joomla Web hosting plan for your business from a reliable Web hosting provider. In case you are not familiar with the Joomla CMS, you are recommended to hire a Web developer with years and years of experience in developing, customizing and managing Joomla websites during the initial development and promotional phases of your Joomla business websites and online marketing campaigns.



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