Why SEO Hosting is Preferred by Professionals

seo hostingThere are many individuals, businesses and companies around the world that need good Web hosting services. These organizations and individuals want to widen their market reach and increase their product and service sales. A lot of non-profit institutions also need wider market reach for their advocacy programs, community outreach projects and public awareness campaigns. A lot of people across the globe are searching for possible businesses they can run from the comfort of their homes, since they need additional income streams, have day jobs and want to spend time with their families after work, and many of them are turning to the Internet and affiliate product marketing among other online income generation methods. These businesses, companies, individuals and non-profit organizations are growing in number each month. This opens many doors to recurring passive income earning opportunities for you as an affiliate of a Web hosting company that offers affordable Web hosting plans and reliable services. Here is how you can choose which Web hosting company to sign up as an affiliate so you can start earning recurring passive income from selling or promoting the Web hosting products of the Web hosting company of your choice:

1. Web Hosting Plan Diversity – There are many types of Web hosting accounts, and each type caters to the specific set of needs of different groups of individuals, businesses, companies and non-profit organizations. Some of these types include shared Web hosting packages, dedicated Web hosting plans, VPS (Virtual Private Server) accounts, SEO Web hosting subscriptions, cloud Web hosting plans and collocated Web hosting packages among others. Signing up as an affiliate of a Web hosting company that offers many Web hosting account types will be beneficial for your long term affiliate marketing campaigns. Implementing the next step below will trim your list of Web hosting companies further.

2. Web Server and Hosting Resources – Check out the resources implemented into the Web servers and Web hosting accounts of each Web hosting provider in your list. Compare the available hardware, software and bandwidth resources bundled with each of their Web hosting plans against their prices. Web server hardware resources include the processor, RAM and data storage space among other internal Web server components. Software resources on the other hand include the control panel deployed unto their Web servers and scripts or additional programs available within the control panel. Bandwidth is the volume of data transfers allowed by the Web hosting company for each of their Web hosting packages, and these are data transfers to and from the Web server and the Web browser and computers of a customer’s site viewers, subscribers, administrators and members. Also, go with a Web hosting company that offers hardware, software and bandwidth resource upgrade options that can be quickly and conveniently implemented into their Web hosting accounts in order to avoid long downtime periods when deploying these upgrades.

3. Technical and Customer Support Service – Contact the technical support departments of the Web hosting companies that are still in your list at this point. Inquire about things relevant to the hardware, software and bandwidth resources available in the Web servers of their different Web hosting accounts. Also ask about the programming modules and databases supported by their Web servers and Web hosting packages. Contact their customer departments to ask about the agreement and subscription terms, service policies, uptime guarantees, bundled Web server maintenance and management services, freebies, rewards or incentives among other things included in each of their Web hosting plans.

Take note of the Web hosting companies that will provide the best technical and customer support services. Trim your list further by selecting Web hosting companies that offer many alternative support contact options, such as phone support, email support, live Web chat support and helpdesk ticketing systems.

4. Payment Options and Security or Privacy Features – Determine the payment options offered by the Web hosting companies. Many individuals, companies, businesses and non-profit organizations around the world prefer to pay via their credit cards, so choose the Web hosting providers offering payment support for many types of credit cards. Some want to pay for online products and services via PayPal, so also select the Web hosting companies offering PayPal as a payment option. Bank wire is also a preferred payment option by many individuals, businesses, companies and non-profit institutions, so take note of this. Also check the data security and privacy features integrated not only into their payment options, but also into their Web hosting plans. Select the Web hosting companies with the best data security and privacy features deployed unto their Web hosting packages, customer and technical support services and payment options.

5. Web Hosting Plan Prices and Affiliate Commissions – Compare the prices of the Web hosting plans that are offered by each Web hosting company in your list at this point. Choose the Web hosting companies offering the most reasonable prices. Check if they have money back guarantees, and select those that have ironclad offers. Now, choose the Web hosting companies that offer high affiliate commission percentages for each Web hosting plan you sell for them via your affiliate link. Then, select those that offer monthly recurring commissions. Choose those that provide the most convenient payout terms and payment collection options for you. Check out their affiliate dashboard panel and their affiliate support services by contacting their affiliate helpdesk to inquire about things relevant to their affiliate marketing system. Don’t forget to list down the things these Web hosting companies wouldn’t want their affiliates to implement when promoting their Web hosting products, such as illegitimate SEO practices and spamming.

At this point, you should have a short list of reliable Web hosting companies that are offering the best affiliate marketing systems for an affiliate like you. Sign up as their affiliate. You can then register domains with domain names relevant to your affiliate marketing campaigns for their Web hosting products. Set up WordPress websites under these domains and start promoting your sites in heavily trafficked online places where your target markets and prospects could be regularly hanging out to talk about things related to Web hosting, Web hosting companies, the different types of Web hosting and the most beneficial Web hosting products for their specific needs and requirements. Establish your reputation in these Internet communities as someone with expertise in the Web hosting industry and in Web development topics by helping others in those online communities with their Web hosting needs and problems.


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