WordPress Web Hosting: Powerful Feature Packed Plans Available

wordpress hosting planA WordPress Web hosting plan is recommended to new owners of businesses who intend to develop websites that will promote their products and services on the Internet. The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is highly advised to those with minimal knowledge in Web development and website maintenance. The WordPress CMS is an open source CMS software designed to help new and intermediate or even expert webmasters to promote their WordPress websites and reach bigger target markets, as well as widen the exposure of their business, brand name and products or service offers. This can lead to more traffic and sales.

WordPress Web hosting plans are usually CPanel Web hosting packages that are offered by Web hosting companies. These CPanel Web hosting plans are bundled with the CPanel software, an easy to use Web host control panel that is integrated with many scripts or applications which were developed to quickly assist you in entering primary, add-on and sub domains into your Web hosting account and in managing email accounts under your domains. Some Web hosting providers implement the Fantastico application into the CPanel software of their CPanel Web hosting accounts, while others use the Softaculous program. These applications can help you easily create WordPress instances in any directory of your Web server. Here are the things you should consider when choosing the best WordPress Web hosting plan for your particular needs:

1. Dedicated or Shared Web Server Resources – Dedicated Web server resources simply mean that the hardware and software resources of the Web server where your WordPress Web hosting plan is attached will be solely dedicated to you and nobody else. In contrast, shared Web server resources man that the hardware and software resources of your WordPress Web hosting package will be shared across multiple customers who will use the same Web server. These Web server hardware resources include the processor and RAM resources implemented into the system of the Web server, along with the data storage disks connected to the Web server and the bandwidth resources allocated to the Web server. Web server software resources include the main control panel of the Web server and the other applications or scripts integrated into the control panel system of the Web server.

A dedicated WordPress Web hosting account costs more than a shared WordPress Web hosting plan. Businesses that do not expect much traffic during the first few months of running their websites are recommended to get a shared WordPress Web hosting account that is bundled with reasonably priced upgrade or update options, which can be quickly implemented into the Web hosting account upon acquisition of the upgrade or update. This is to allow you to accommodate the data storage space, bandwidth and hardware resources required by your website, site administrators, site applications and viewers, especially when you start getting more traffic than your traffic estimates.

In contrast, businesses that have high volumes of site content and expect large droves of traffic in the first few weeks of running their websites are advised to get a dedicated WordPress Web hosting account. Again, you should acquire the dedicated WordPress Web hosting plan that is bundled with reasonably priced upgrade or update options that can be quickly implemented into your Web hosting account by the time you require higher Web server hardware and software resources.

2. Uptime Guarantee and Web Server Management Services – You are advised to get a WordPress Web hosting account from a Web hosting company that includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee in all their Web hosting products and service offers. This uptime guarantee could ensure that you would most likely encounter very minimal downtimes during your subscription, especially if the Web hosting company bundles round the clock Web server maintenance and management services with the WordPress Web hosting account you’re interested in.

3. Customer and Technical Support Services – You should check whether the Web hosting company offers many customer and technical support service contact options, such as phone support, live Web chat support, email support and helpdesk ticket support. Also check the responsiveness, reliability and professionalism of their customer and technical support agents by contacting them to ask for more details about their WordPress Web hosting plans.

4. Price, Incentives or Freebies and Money Back Guarantees – Compare the prices of the WordPress Web hosting plans you’re interested in against the benefits you can gain from each of those WordPress Web hosting packages. Some Web hosting companies bundle freebies or incentives with their WordPress Web hosting packages, such as free Google Adwords PPC credits that you can use to promote and advertise your website when it’s already up and running. Money back guarantees are also integrated by most Web hosting companies into their WordPress Web hosting plans, and this can be useful for testing the level of service quality the Web hosting company can provide you and your business. This money back guarantee usually allows a customer to get a full no-questions-asked refund in case he or she is unhappy with the services of the Web hosting company after using one of their Web hosting plans in 30 to 60 days.

Carefully studying the things above before selecting a WordPress Web hosting plan will ensure that you get the best value for your time and money. Now, here are some advantages of the WordPress CMS (Content Management System):

1. There are lots of free and paid WordPress themes you can use for your website. It is also quick and easy to customize a WordPress theme by using certain applications that were developed with features that can help you create WordPress themes from scratch or from WordPress themes that can be modified or customized according to the licenses bundled with the WordPress theme.

2. There are many free and paid WordPress plug-ins that you can implement into your WordPress website to extend the functionality of not only your WordPress website, but also the WordPress CMS. It is also quick and easy for a PHP programmer with AJAX, Java, JavaScript and HTML coding experience to create a custom WordPress plug-in to integrate the functionalities you want into your WordPress website and into the WordPress CMS.

3. The WordPress CMS is an open source CMS, which means it is free to use, modify and customize as you please. The WordPress Dashboard, by default, is also easy to use even for beginners and intermediate WordPress users.

These are just some of the benefits you can get from a WordPress Web hosting plan. You are also advised to check the overall reputation of the Web hosting companies in your list before subscribing for a WordPress Web hosting account with one of them.



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