Dedicated Hosting With CPanel: Powerful and Easy to Use

dedicated cpanel hostingA dedicated CPanel Web Hosting Plan is one of the more popular and commonly used Web hosting packages due to its satisfactory presentation. It is commonly used and is more popular because of its easy-to-use features and a user-friendly interface. CPanel is a Web hosting control panel application designed for UNIX systems, and this control panel software has a graphical and automation interface especially designed to provide simplified procedures in managing a Web hosting account and websites hosted by the Web server.

There are sections in CPanel that aids users in managing emails and trapping spam messages from unknown senders, and it has a file manager that can help you organize files thru FTP among other file management functionalities. CPanel also uses MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and PostgresSQL to manage databases. It can also be used to conveniently manage DNS and view the status of websites stored in the Web server through the CPanel Web hosting account of the user.

CPanel is a three-tiered control panel that can also be used for entering primary and add-on domains, creating sub domains, managing and creating email accounts. CPanel was designed to function both in Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and in a dedicated server.

Many Web hosting companies offer beneficial dedicated CPanel Web hosting packages, but most of these dedicated CPanel Web hosting plans are integrated with varying features, cost, data transfer speed and Web server hardware resources. In a dedicated CPanel Web Hosting package, choosing the right Web hosting plan is crucial, since this will greatly affect your Web business if you tend to choose the wrong CPanel Web Hosting Plan. If you want to select a good CPanel Web Hosting Plan, here are some ways on how to choose the Best CPanel Web Hosting Package:

First, you can check reviews from other users. This may give you an idea about the overall performance and how the CPanel Web hosting plan is useful for its users. This may let you compare it to other Web hosting packages and can enable you to pay more attention to the Web hosting companies and their dedicated CPanel Web hosting packages that have good reviews over those with negative user comments.

Second, check the features implemented into the dedicated CPanel Web hosting package. These features are the highlights of the dedicated CPanel Web hosting plan, and knowing all these features will allow you to factor in your needs and requirements for a dedicated CPanel Web hosting package. Select a package that can provide you with the beneficial returns you expect from your time and money. Count the good features integrated into each of the dedicated CPanel Web hosting packages you want, and keep in mind that the more you get from it, the better package it could be for your particular needs and specifications.

Third, consider the price of the dedicated CPanel Web hosting account, particularly if the value you can get from its features and benefits is well worth your money. Also remember that not all cheap dedicated CPanel Web hosting packages are bad. If you get better benefits from a more expensive dedicated CPanel Web hosting package than others, then study the main advantages the dedicated CPanel Web hosting plan can give you. Also list down the benefits and features that are not included in the other less costly dedicated CPanel Web hosting subscription packages in your list.

Fourth, the customer and technical support services provided by the Web hosting company should always be readily accessible and responsive to your inquiries and clarification requests. Their customer and technical support agents should always be professional when dealing with customers. Keep in mind that the more options the Web hosting provider offers for contacting their customer and technical support departments, the more convenient things will be for you in case you need to contact them for support, wherever you are and whenever you need answers about your Web hosting-related inquiries and questions. These options include email support, phone support, live Web chat support an helpdesk ticket support.

Fifth, consider a dedicated CPanel Web hosting package that is bundled with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also check if the Web hosting provider that offers the dedicated CPanel Web hosting account does indeed implement the uptime guarantee mentioned in their sales pages. You can do this by asking their existing customers about their relevant experience in using their dedicated Web hosting plans from the Web hosting company.

Sixth, list down the limitations of the dedicated CPanel Web hosting packages you’re interested in. This will allow you to pinpoint the dedicated CPanel Web hosting plan that would be most suitable for your requirements and specifications. Double check with the customer support agents of the Web hosting company about the restrictions or limitations implemented into the dedicated CPanel Web hosting plans you want, just in case there isn’t enough information mentioned in their sales pages and online documentation materials about these limitations.

Seventh, go with a dedicated CPanel Web hosting package that is bundled with a money back guarantee. Most Web hosting companies offer a money back guarantee to let prospect customers know that they are indeed truthful in their claims of high quality services being their main business objective. Some Web hosting companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee, while a few provide a 60-day money back guarantee.


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