How to Start Your Own Reseller Hosting Business With cPanel

cpanel reseller hostingHomebased Web designers or website owners with relevant experience in handling CPanel can easily earn additional income by becoming a reseller of CPanel Web hosting for a Web hosting provider. What exactly is a CPanel reseller account?

Generally, a reseller is someone who acts as a middle man for a Web hosting provider, and with a reseller hosting program, one can easily find affordable packages and invest a little amount of money in it to jumpstart their business right ahead.

A convenient reseller hosting program is a CPanel reseller account. This is because of the control you have in maintaining the disk usage and the bandwidth of your customers with the help of CPanel’s administrative control panel, also called WHM (Web Host Manager).
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Choosing Colocation Website Hosting: The Advantages and Disadvantages

colocation hostingAs most people would expect, a lot of upscale corporations have a top-of-the-line Internet infrastructure and are able to purchase their own servers and hire experts to operate a separate IT department. Small scale or even middle range businesses do not have that much of a resource to support a costly but important undertaking. What these companies do instead is turn to web hosts that offer them reasonable prices for their service. This is one of the advantages that these companies have over large corporations who most of the time, must keep their high profile intact by having their own IT department. Another advantage for smaller companies is that there are many types of Web hosting available to them, and one of these is Colocation web hosting.
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VPS Hosting: The Benefits and How to Migrate Across

VPS hostingShared hosting may instantly be the type of hosting you would go for when a decision on how to manage your website needs to be done as soon as possible. This is not entirely a wrong decision. However, there is one type of web hosting that you may not want to overlook – VPS hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting uses virtual private servers. This is where hosted websites share a single server, but functions as if each site has its own machine, and each one is not affected by any issue encountered by one VPS account in the same Web server.
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Using Your ISP as a Web Host for Small Business Websites

ISP web hostingA number of Internet users today are people who are self-employed, operating their businesses at the comfort of their homes. While these entrepreneurs would want to put all their marketing and advertising in their websites so as not to be forced to go out in the field, there still remains a question of how hosting their website could be managed efficiently with just a midrange computing system. A Web server would definitely be an answer to the question, but this would entail a considerable amount of expenses. Here are some disadvantages of setting up and managing a home server or a self-hosted website:

  • 1. You need a top-quality hardware server that can store any type of data.
  • 2. You will be required to permanently upgrade to a reliable, 24-hour High Speed Internet (HSI) connection.
  • 3. You will have to shell out more money for buying server software licenses that put a cap on the number of users.
  • 4. You have to install the server hardware and software yourself, supervise, maintain, monitor, change or upgrade your system as needed.

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The Ultimate List of Web Hosting Types

Webhosting typesOnce a website and its design have been set up, neophytes in this modern age medium of marketing would often think that all has been done, when in fact, running a website is more than a continuous cycle of maintaining and updating the content of the website to catch up with the changing needs of the Internet market. Also, companies, especially new ones, often overlook the key role that Web hosting plays in running their websites.

With the availability of various types of Web hosting platforms, the decision of hiring the services of any Web hosting provider offering different types of Web hosting accounts (whether free, dedicated, shared, Virtual Private Server or VPS or specialized and managed Web hosting accounts) ought to be worth their time and effort. Aside from finding a reliable and a reputable Web hosting provider, a key factor that a website owner may want to gauge equally as the need to get a Web host is their own needs and requirements for their website.
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Web Hosting Issues and How to Deal with Them

hosting issuesLike any other business, the Web hosting industry is faced with issues that happen mostly due to the lack of a reliable and feasible business plan, or sometimes problems of implementing these plans. What some Web hosting providers do not realize is that they tend to lose more due to many customers opting out from their contracts. Another thing that these new Web hosting providers do not realize at first is that user reviews can largely affect the failure or success of any business.

Reselling Web hosting plans can be unpredictable and at times, issues are inevitable like limits or caps on bandwidth. This is one of the main issues that you must learn to tackle, especially for customers with varying bandwidth requirements. In general, if you have a reseller or maybe a VPS account, you may want to consider a plan upgrade or more likely, a switch to a dedicated type of hosting to accommodate the needs of your own customers. If there are certain constraints and would like to build up the business from something else, then the main key is to be prepared.
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Handling Changes to Your Domain Name with 301 Redirects

301 redirectCompanies change domain names for reasons that include, but not limited to aesthetic concerns. For example, a customer could easily remember and type “shoesforyou” rather than “a-shoe-for-you”. Other reasons may include company name change, closure or acquisition of or by another company. Such changes matter for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because if not handled properly, then what could be the optimized indexing and rankings the old domain gained from search engines, may just go to waste. When a change of a domain is inevitable, then a suitable plan must be put into place. 301 Redirect via Your Hosting

For example, the company that runs “” abruptly decides to change the domain to without carefully mapping the old and new URLs as well as ensuring that redirects are implemented, then customers may just find themselves on a dead end when trying to supposedly order a dozen pair of shoes online. When no redirect to the new domain name is implemented, then customers would get page error message such as “We’re sorry but the page you requested cannot be found.”

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Video Hosting: The Important SEO Elements

video hostingAside from the highly informative text content and artistically captured photographs that a user can find in a website, uploaded videos also play a role in increasing traffic and conversions of websites. The influence of video repositories like YouTube has greatly affected how Internet users go back to a certain website or even recommend it to their relatives, friends, offline and online networks. Increasing the visibility of a website translates into a chain reaction of benefits and has even proven to provide top search engine rankings for a website’s target keywords and keyphrases. This is why:

Many website owners now give a lot of thought about how to host their videos for this purpose, whether to use YouTube or subscribe to a paid video hosting provider. Although there are numerous factors that need to be considered, the primary consideration one has to make is the volume and type of the video content and what he or she ultimately wants to gain from it.
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How to Choose a Joomla Hosting Provider

joomla hostingSimilar to a town’s public library where books are tracked, kept and stored, Joomla, another Web CMS (Content Management System), functions similar to this, by keeping track of every single content on a website. Content may vary from documents, simple text, photographs, music or videos, and this can be managed by Joomla without the need of the people behind a website to have in-depth technical skills or knowledge. Well-known organizations that use Joomla include IHOP (a chain of restaurants) and Harvard University among others.

When someone needs to build a website, one can easily seek the help of a Joomla hosting provider and you can be sure that your website will be up and running in a matter of hours or even in minutes. And, if one has more advanced technical skills or knowledge and the website you need to build requires a more sophisticated design and functionality, then Joomla can also help with its framework in building reservation systems, inventory control systems, data reporting tools, application bridges, customized product catalogs, advanced corporate directories, tools for communication and e-commerce systems.

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The Ultimate Guide to cPanel Hosting Features

cpanel hostingAlmost all website owners are taking advantage of the benefits of what is supposedly only a possibility more than a decade ago. Customers now have the capability of controlling their own websites, and providers can control their servers with minimal technicalities via CPanel.

CPanel (Control Panel) is a Web server software implemented with an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) for users to control, work and automate various features of the software to manage the content and settings of their websites. Developers of the CPanel software also created an application for hosting providers called WHM (Web Hosting Manager). The WHM software is for assisting Web hosting providers in managing their servers. With the GUIs of CPanel and WHM, a lot of features can easily be accessed, run and even modified, and these include:
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